MailCloak in Gmail

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The Problem: Your Gmail isn't safe

Even if you connect to Gmail via HTTPS, your email is only truly protected while it is in transit between you and Gmail. Once your personal information, business email and important files reach Google's servers, they are indexed and transmitted in clear text as they are routed from server to server before reaching their final destination.

The Solution: MailCloak with GNU Privacy Guard

MailCloak encrypts your Gmail, rendering it unreadable as it travels around the internet and sits archived on Gmail’s email servers.

Why MailCloak? Fast. Easy. Secure

MailCloak for Gmail was designed from the ground up with security, speed, and ease of use in mind. Simply install our MailCloak for Gmail plug-in for Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, and begin sending secure, cloaked email to other MailCloak, PGP and GPG users.

Planned Security: Safe Email, encrypted Drafts, and Secure Attachments

All MailCloak encryption is done on your system, before it is sent out over the internet. Your emails are encrypted before they are sent. Your drafts are encrypted before they are saved to Googles' servers, and your attachments are encrypted before they are attached - and none of your data will ever be indexed by Google.

Established Connectivity: GPG, PGP

GPG's established market presence allows MailCloak users to securely interact with millions of PGP or GPG users. Simply type your email as usual and click send. MailCloak will automatically encrypt your email if you have the recipients public key in your keychain, otherwise MailCloak will send them an invitation to download MailCloak.

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True Privacy: Cloaked Email Can't be Indexed

Google indexes everyone's email, but when you encrypt your messages with MailCloak. Only the intended recipient can read it. No one else. Not Google. Not gWebs. And not the government.

Real Control: Your keys are safe with YOU!

Because gWebs never sees your private keys, access to your email remains in your control, not ours (or Google's). Global Web Security can't reply to inquiries requesting key-files, because we don't have them. And because we use GPG, you can be sure that there are no back-doors in our encryption.

Encryption for YOUR system
MailCloak in Gmail
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