Thank You for Downloading MailCloak for Mail Clients!

Your download should automatically begin in a few seconds, but if not, click here.
To get started with MailCloak for Mail Clients, run the installer and then turn on MailCloak:
Exchange your key

You can try testing MailCloak by sending us email and we'll get back to you with our public key within 24 hours. When we reply, our reply will be encrypted (because we now have your public key) and when you receive our message you will automatically import our public key. Go ahead and reply to our message to send encrypted email. At this point MailCloak will ask for your password, and when you click OK, MailCloak will encrypt and send your email.

Now you're ready to try it with your contacts!
Go ahead and send them an invitation. If you leave MailCloak on when you send email, it will automatically send invitations with outgoing mail.
The invitation looks like this:

When a user gets an invitation, they can click on the envelope and they will automatically be sent to the MailCloak installation page. They then install MailCloak and restart their browser. When they open the email you just sent them, your public key will automatically be imported, and the first message they send you will be encrypted and contain their public key.

NOTE: Please do not send important data with MailCloak before verifying a test message to the recipient gets encrypted.