MailCloak for Firefox

MailCloak for Firefox is the new, Easy-to-use, Safe, Secure, Private and Portable email encryption add-on for Mozilla Firefox.
MailCloak for Firefox uses GnuPG Email encryption to encrypt:
  • Attachments
  • Email Messages
  • Files
Easy to use
We built MailCloak to be the first easy to use email encryption program in history!
  • Unlike other GPG add-ons, MailCloak’s One Click install includes GnuPG
  • Automatic Key Exchange
  • Cryptobot – Free Key Exchange Training Bot
Works with:
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Windows Live mail & Hotmail
Easy to share
  • Easy Invitations
  • Easy Installations
  • Easy Downloads
Super strong
  • 4096 bit encryption
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System Requirements:
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0-3.1
  • Windows XP or Vista.
  • Pentium III 666 mhz
  • 128 MB Ram
  • 5 Mb Free Disk Space
Encryption for YOUR system
MailCloak in Gmail
MailCloak SMB in Google Apps MailCloak SMB in Microsoft Live Admin Domains MailCloak in Windows Live Mail & Windows Live Mail & Hotmail MailCloak in Yahoo
MailCloak for Mail Clients in Outlook and Outlook Express MailCloak for Mail Clients in Thunderbird